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SAP Instance Installation: In this step, you need to complete the installation of SAP instance. After that you need to complete the next steps.   [Instance Installation] 1.Go to System Configuration --> Instance Properties -->  Deployment path or InIp Address. [SAP Instance Installation] 2.Select SAP Instance Installation. [Database Creation] 3.Select Database Management Option. 4.Select Database Installation Option. 5.Select the database for which you want to create the instance. 6.A. Select the database and then press Next. 7.B. Specify the storage option and then press Next. 8.C. Press the Next button. 9.D. Select the connector type and then press Next. 10.E. Press the Next button. 11.F. Specify the properties of the database and then press Next. 12.G. Enter the username and password to connect the database. 13.H. Press the Next button. 14.I. Press the Finish button. 15.Press Finish to confirm. The database is now created. Once you finish the above steps, you are done with installation and configuration. The following diagrams shows the screens of Instance and Database management. [Instance and Database Management] ![](images/SAP_Training.jpg) [Next, Create a Customized Form] [Create a Customized Form] [The following shows a sample of the customization] ![](images/Sample.jpg) This customization is very simple, and to demonstrate how to customize the form, we have added a few fields and used different styles for some fields. [Next, Customize the Forms] [Customize the Forms] We can create an SAP



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